Lessons from the international speech contest

I am an active member of Toastmasters International and last Saturday March 9th, I participated in the International Speech Contest for Area G1 in Division G. Lined up against 4 other talented and confident speakers from different clubs in our area, I knew I had a very good shot at taking the trophy home. I was loaded with positive energy and enthusiasm that I shared with everyone I spoke to on that morning. To my surprise, when the results were announced I did not come second place as I thought I would have. I was a bit disappointed but I Continue reading Lessons from the international speech contest

The meaning of forgiveness

During my morning physical exercise routine, I listen to audio books which I select randomly from my library. Interestingly, every book I have listened to every morning for the past 2 months has always spoken directly to me. The book I am currently enjoying is “Zero Limits” by Joe Vitale. Amazing content! The information I am receiving is so timely that I believe it is a conspiracy of the universe to make my daily experiences turn into growing experiences. The book brought my awareness to the concept of forgiveness and I have been able to use one the teachings to Continue reading The meaning of forgiveness

Listen to your excuses

Preparing for an upcoming speech in a few days, I met with my coach and friend Quinn. He helped me evaluate and made helpful recommendations on how to improve the delivery of my message and to clarify the structure and main points of my speech. When Quinn was constructively criticizing my rehearsal speech video, I went into defensive mode and came up with excuses for every one of the points he noticed needed improvement. Your potential is only limited by the number of excuses you have. Quinn is a very good communicator and every time I spoke in argument with Continue reading Listen to your excuses

How to be an effective mentor?

One of the fastest way to successfully complete an assignment, a task or a goal you have never attempted is to find people who have successfully completed the same in the past, and learn from them. Finding someone with positive results in line with what you are trying to accomplish will save you resources, primarily time and energy. That someone would be a mentor or a coach. Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction. John Crosby It is easier to be a mentor than many people think. If you have Continue reading How to be an effective mentor?

It’s never too late for a new beginning

In January when I was reviewing last year (2012) I made a few decisions on the changes that I would have to make to move closer to the realization of my dreams and fulfillment of my life purpose. One of those decisions was to author a minimum of 4 original and quality blog posts every month, one each week. As I did my monthly evaluation for the month of February, the fact that I could not follow up on that goal really bothered me and I decided (again) to make it change. Unfortunately (or not) for me, speaking about change without taking Continue reading It’s never too late for a new beginning