Top 5 Lessons From 5 Years in Toastmasters

Today marks the 5th year anniversary of my primary Toastmasters club, All Nations Toastmasters in Anaheim, California. I have experienced exponential growth from my membership with the organization, and learned both from the people I have met as well as the education program. As I take a moment to reflect on the achievements of the past and look ahead to the victories of the future, some of the lessons drawn from this endeavor surface. Here they are, with some of my thoughts on them: Self-confidence is a skill It can be improved. When I joined Toastmasters 5 years ago, my Continue reading Top 5 Lessons From 5 Years in Toastmasters

The Toastmaster’s Log (

If like most people you have ever “Googled” for solutions to problems or answers to questions, you know that there is virtually nothing you cannot find online. From web applications to native apps, going through web app, browser extensions and plugins, there is an online service to solve (or guide you toward solving) almost every challenge you could be faced with.¬† When I joined Toastmasters International in June 2012 my objective¬†was to earn my Distinguished Toastmaster Award within a maximum of 18 months. I missed that objective. I know people who have done it and it was a goal in Continue reading The Toastmaster’s Log (