Yes, Your Phone is Listening to You

If you Google things as much as any human with a smartphone does in today’s age, you have probably had the feeling that Google’s predictive search feature works too well.

Google is able to predict (sometimes with very creepy accuracy) what you will search for. I can recall a conversation with a student where she was telling me that after a conversation offline about their bedroom furnitures with her husband, the next online search she performed was full of autocomplete options related to bedroom furnitures.

Google and other big data companies like Facebook already know so much about us that they probably don’t need to eavesdrop on us to predict what we might need in the next few hours, days, weeks and years.

There is already a ton of content and research performed out there with evidence that goes into details how that works technically, and detail a myriad of ways that information is used. My goal with this article was just to share my experience. And to be clear, yes, your phone is listening to you.

The Healing Power of Writing

Putting words on paper is an activity I find a lot of pleasure in. However, it does not show based on my current writing patterns. I am not sure why I am even writing this post. Actually I do. I felt the need to write and even though I couldn’t think of anything to write about I decide to write anyway.

And that’s it. Less than a 100 words, but I did it. 🙂

The Journey to Passive Income Begins

Back in 2015 I started the year with a list of over 12 big goals that I broke down in with monthly milestones. At the time I met with my mentor William Wimberly and after getting his insights, I realized that I had too many targets and I was likely to hit none. There is truth in the saying: “If you run after two hares, you will catch neither.” It took me failing at almost every one of those goals to realize that.

Now, I start every new year with a list of 3 to 5 goals. I was inspired after reading the book The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results by Gary Keller. One of my goals for the past two years has been to start generating some amount of passive income. I have worked on a few projects before that have earned me in total less than $50 monthly this far, but I took my biggest earning project offline because of the direction the project took.

This morning I was inspired by this story I read on Product Hunt: 7 Steps to Building A $5,000 Per Month Side Project and decided to get back on that passive income from side projects horse. I will publish a few ideas and post progress with my work as I advance. In the meantime, go read the article on Product Hunt and get inspired too.

There Always Will Be Work for You

Work is any activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result. Not too long ago I was watching a documentary on YouTube about the future of work. The documentary had the guests presenting two diverging views.


One view was that robots will replace humans at a scale that will disrupt our current societal construct as it is. The other view was that robots will always be complementary to humans, just as they have been since the mass manufacturing started in the sixties and seventies.

From my perspective, there will always be work for anyone who has a valuable skill or experience to offer the marketplace. No matter what influences the marketplace faces from technology or administrative policies, there will always be work for you.

So Many Hopeless Situations!

Never lose hope.I was once listening to Zig Ziglar and I heard him say “There are no hopeless situations, there are just people who have lost hope while facing those situations.” This goes in alignment with the saying: “Hope in the future gives us power in the present.” Next time you are facing a situation that feels hopeless, ask yourself the question: “Is there really no hope in this situation, or am I the one losing hope?”

Clearly, there are situations that require for one to let go and move on. Situations that create physical or emotional pain and discomfort over prolonged periods of time are not worth keeping hope for. In most situations we face as we move towards our goals and dreams, losing hope is losing our divine power to fear. Never lose hope in the face of a hopeless situation!