My Top 5 Books on Public Speaking

My top 5 books

If you have had any chance of public speaking, you know it can be intimidating or empowering. That is depending on what stage of your learning experience you are at. I am a student of public speaking and I have been sharing what I know on my YouTube channel: 365 Days of Public Speaking ( A lot of the things I know, I learned from books. In this post I share my top 5 books on public speaking. It is a great place to start if you need help or have targetted questions on how to improve your public speaking skills. ‘Talk Like Continue reading My Top 5 Books on Public Speaking

Why You Should Host a Yearly Conference

For the past two years I have hosted the Speak To Win Business Conference. It is an conference designed to provide working professional and entrepreneurs with tools and techniques they can use to improve their communications, which will lead to better relationships and better business. The idea for the conference came up when my friend Quinn Ruffin and I were brainstorming on ways to create a program that will be of value to the people in our community. We started by asking ourselves the question: “What is one problem we can solve that we can help people by solving?”. The Continue reading Why You Should Host a Yearly Conference

You Are Not a Tree Book Published

Last weekend, I published a new book:   This book will introduce you to a group of people, through some of the things they have said about entrepreneurship, education, social life, professional life, family and relationships, and health and wellness. I have handpicked and carefully reviewed each one of these quotes. I hope they inspire you to make the changes you know you can to make for you to experience a happier, more fulfilling life. Copies of the book can be purchased here:

Daily Quote #005 – About Taking Action

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” Walt Disney

Daily Quote #004 – About Goals


quote on goals

How to Be a Connector, Not Just a Climber

I am a student and teacher of leadership. I developed the following after being exposed to the writings of leadership authority John Maxwell. There are two types of leaders, climbers and connectors. Climbers are: Self-centered Managers (NOT leaders) Task oriented Connectors are: Community centered Relatable Legacy oriented We are all a combination of climbers and connectors in our leadership styles, but with every single one of us, there is a dominant inclination. It is OK to be both, you just have to balance and make sure the dominant inclination is connector. To become a better connector, here are a three recommendations: Learn Continue reading How to Be a Connector, Not Just a Climber

Daily Quote #003 – About Tests and Trials

QUOTE #003 - Every Test, Testimony

How to Use a Microphone for Presentations [VIDEO]

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How to Conduct Team Presentations

How to Conduct Team Presentations video is on on YouTube:

How to Deliver Professional Presentations – 5 Tips

Chances are at one point or another in your career you will have to give presentations in your professional working environment. This will be either indoor or outdoors, to your managers, peers or subordinates. These 5 tips will help you when that time comes to deliver professional presentations. Click on the image to view the video on YouTube. Here is the YouTube link, just in case the image link is broken: Here is a link to subscribe to my YouTube video Channel: