My Top 5 Books on Public Speaking

My top 5 books

If you have had any chance of public speaking, you know it can be intimidating or empowering. That is depending on what stage of your learning experience you are at. I am a student of public speaking and I have been sharing what I know on my YouTube channel: 365 Days of Public Speaking ( A lot of the things I know, I learned from books. In this post I share my top 5 books on public speaking. It is a great place to start if you need help or have targetted questions on how to improve your public speaking skills. ‘Talk Like Continue reading My Top 5 Books on Public Speaking

You Are Not a Tree Book Published

Last weekend, I published a new book:   This book will introduce you to a group of people, through some of the things they have said about entrepreneurship, education, social life, professional life, family and relationships, and health and wellness. I have handpicked and carefully reviewed each one of these quotes. I hope they inspire you to make the changes you know you can to make for you to experience a happier, more fulfilling life. Copies of the book can be purchased here:

How to Deal with 3 Unexpected Situations on Stage [VIDEO]

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An Idea is Born: Speak to Win Business Conference 2015

During one of my presentations at the Orange County Speakers Bureau a few months ago, I shared ideas about how to grow speaking businesses for people who are interested in professional speaking. The slides I used are available here: One of my recommendations is to host one’s own events. I had been entertaining a few ideas for the past few weeks, but I was inspired to settle on one last week. The event I will host is the “Speak to Win Business Conference“. Why? To provide business professionals and entrepreneurs with effective communication tools, techniques and strategies they can use to Continue reading An Idea is Born: Speak to Win Business Conference 2015

7 Action Steps to Grow Your Speaking Business in 2015

2015 is just around the corner. By this time of the year, most corporations have already set their budgets for the new year and scheduled their meetings, conferences and events. One of my passions is speaking and I have been progressively learning how to get rewarded financially for sharing valuable information and knowledge to audiences, as a professional speaker. If you are involved in the speaking business or want to get involved but need some guidance, you will get from this article seven action steps you can take to start or make your business grow next year. Review or Revamp Your Continue reading 7 Action Steps to Grow Your Speaking Business in 2015