Very few people work at jobs where they are happy and fulfilled, but don’t have enough courage to search for a new job. The marketplace is so dynamic in this age that it is full time job in its own right to keep up with all the advances. Job search today is different than it was 10 years ago, even 5 years ago. The information presented is applicable for those who are on social media and want to know how social media can help them get their first job, their dream job, or make a smooth career change. 21 days to your dream job with social media book

This book provides a road map with actionable steps that anyone can use to get closer to his or her dream job. The first week of the 21 days is dedicated to housekeeping, the holistic preparation for the work ahead. Yes, getting that dream job will require work. The second week goes into setting up an online presence that will make your skills and achievements shine. The third week is for a systematic outreach program, and ways to stay actively engaged in activities that will help you get your dream job.