On Jan 2, 2014 I recorded and uploaded my first video as part of the 365 Days of Public Speaking project. The project was an opportunity for me to do two things:

1) Get comfortable speaking in front of a camera.
2) Share my knowledge and experience in public speaking.

The goal was to record one video per day for 365 days. That would have been 365 Days of Public Speaking. If the total number of videos (365) had to be met as a success criteria, the project was a failure. When I recorded the last video on Jan 2, 2015 my total was 136 videos. However, even for a failed project, I learned and grew a lot from creating all those videos.

My initial inspiration to create the channel was Darren Lacroix (2001 World Champion of Public Speaking) and one of his DVD programs (YouTube it!) he gave me when I first met him at the Orange County Speakers Bureau back in 2012. Darren walks his talk and I admired the great work is he doing with his channel Stage Time on YouTube. I said to myself back then: “Darren is a World Champion. I see myself as a World Champion. Why not emulate Darren?” That is how I started the channel back in 2014. Two years after I had had those thoughts.

Lionnel and Darren Lacroix back in 2012 at the Orange County Speakers Bureau
Lionnel and Darren Lacroix back in 2012 at the Orange County Speakers Bureau

Yesterday I watched one other video program of Darren, and he recommends (again,) taking daily action towards one goals. Not that I did not know or do that already, but his magnitude, consistency and commitment to excellence are inspiration and just the jolt I needed to renew my commitment to excellence in the art and science of public speaking at this time.

I am glad to officially announce that as of tomorrow August 16, 2015 I will resume daily publications of insights, tips and technique for great public speaking on my YouTube channel: 365 Days of Public Speaking.

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