Are you craving something (or someone) unhealthy?

Going back home after a good day at work today, I stopped by the Dollar Tree store and checked out a small pack of cookies. As he was scanning the item, the cashier at the register smiled and said: “Someone is craving sugar. I can’t blame you, it is hard not to.” It took me a few minutes to process that statement and by the time I had formulated a good response (really an excuse) , he was already attending to the customer next in line.

sugar cookie
Sugar Cookie

On my way out of the store, it hit me: I walked into the store because I was craving sugar, I had no other reason (my lunch was less than 4 hours earlier) to walk into that store if not to get something sweet to take home with me. I had no shopping list (unusual for me) and was in a hurry to get home, but driven by the sugar craving at an unconscious level, I stopped at the store for my sugar fix. I was saddened, but at the same time happy that it had come to my awareness.

To reach the optimum health goals I set for myself, I recently began the process of systematically substituting soda with green tea and that is producing really good results. This experience at the store made me decide to be more aware of and disciplined with my eating habits  I will do research on breaking sugar addiction and I will share the result of my implementation. I don’t expect it to be easy but I care enough about my body to know that it is possible and I will succeed.

You probably have had moments when you realized that you cared too much about something or someone who was not very healthy for you. What (or who) are you craving that is not very healthy for you? Think about it for a moment and decide to make a change. Your better tomorrow depends on you making that decision today.

Here is a good article on the causes of sugar cravings: