Are you under construction or under distraction?

Today I am inspired to talk about relationships and the state you are in, construction or distraction. Even though this is mostly applicable to those who are single or dating, I believe married men and women can relate to this and share it with their loved ones.

Going out on a many dates over the past few months, I have learned how to quickly identify if a lady I am on a date with has the basic attributes I am looking for in an ideal life partner. As I have gotten better at this, I noticed that sometimes, despite having realized there was no long term future for me and the lady, I would still go on subsequent dates. It never dawned on me that it was a waste of time. Ok, not really a waste but somehow a waste. Subsequent dates were distractions. They were distractions because they took my attention and energy away from what I wanted and into what I knew I did not want. Whether you find the lady very attractive and beautiful or not so much, for someone who already knows what he wants, it would be a distraction.

Under Construction

The opposite of being under distraction is being under construction. When a man is attracted to a woman beyond physical appearance and the opposite is true, a relationship begins. When the two have consciously agreed and made the decision to be in a relationship with one another, they enter into “construction” mode. In construction mode, everything done by both parties is with the aim of strengthening the relationship, building a strong foundation that hopefully will serve as the pillars of a matrimonial union in the future.

This concept does not only apply to relationships, it applies to every aspect of our lives. We should constantly evaluate whether we are under construction or under distraction. What state are you in?