Four keys to a successful interview for introverts

There are over 40 million resume online at any single moment in time. That is according to the book What Color Is Your Parachute? by Richard N. Bolles. Getting a job can be very challenging these days because of the intimidating volume of applications received by recruiters for every job opening. interview-lady-waiting

In my upcoming book 21 Days to Your Dream Job With Social Media I mention a few methods you can use not to rely exclusive on your resume being selected out of the hundreds or thousands for the job you applied for. The job getting process is in two basic steps. The first step is getting an interview for an open position and the second step is performing at your best during the interview.

I was inspired to write this article when last week I witnesses over 20 students of a graduate degree course being mock interviewed by their faculty. Note that I was one of the students being interviewed in this instance. The practice interview consisted of two simple random questions asked to every student. From my observation that day and the research I have been making in the process of writing my book, below are a four keys to a successful interview, especially for introverts.

  • Give a good handshake: The handshake will be the first physical contact you will have with your interviewer. If you have the opportunity to shake hand with your interviewer, make a strong impression. I previously wrote on how to develop a good handshake.
  • Control your voice: Match your tone of voice and volume with the one of your interviewer. You want to be a notch lower or higher based on the position you are applying for. If it is a leadership or managerial position, you want your voice to be audible, project strength and confidence. If your friends and family sometimes complain that your voice is too low, spend some time practicing speaking louder. That can help you make a better impression during the interview.
  • Sit up straight: The way you dress for the interview must match the position you apply for. If you are in doubt, it is preferable to overdress than otherwise. I have personally found that in most cases, the way people dress affect the way they stand and carry themselves. If you slouch when seated, it will impact your voice projection and possibly make you look not very confident.
  • Focus on your relevant skills: In every answer you give, remember to highlight a skills or distinctive ability you have that could possibly give you an advantage over the competition. For example if you are asked by your interviewed about one of your weaknesses, you can reply by saying for example that you sometimes catch yourself spending too much time on details that are not critical to the success of a task at hand. That would be a weakness but it is something that could be an asset depending on the industry and environment you work in.

For most job openings, the applicant who makes the strongest impression during the interview process is the one who usually gets the job. I targeted the article to introvert because I observed that they had the less impressive performances during the mock interviews. Regardless of whether you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert, what are some other tips you have used or can think of that will help you succeed in a job interview?

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