Go Dark (app idea)

Have you ever caught yourself holding your phone and not knowing what you picked it up for? Yes, I dod it all the time. Smart phones are addictive, just as much as fast food. I caught myself staring at my phone not knowing what to do with it and started laughing because I realized I was hooked to that small screen. That’s a problem because I could be doing a hundred other things liked for example reading a book (which I enjoy), but I felt compelled to hold a phone while having no real agenda with it.

To solve that problem, I thought: what if there is an app that when you activate it, it gives you a set amount of time for you not to have access to your phone? Something like StayFocusd for chrome. The significant difference is that it will completely take the phone into offline mode and locked down for the set amount of time, 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes. And the only way to make it get out of Dark Mode before the end of the timer would be to restart the phone.

We could enhance the app with gamification and building a community around the experience. This could work!