How to write a good speaker introduction

Have you ever listener to a speaker introduction that was not as good as it could have been? Or maybe you wrote, or struggled to write an introduction for yourself as a speaker.  For every speaking engagement I have, I create a new folder on my computer which I synchronize with my Google Drive account so I can access it from any device. speaker introduction on stage My speaker introduction is usually kept between 150 and 300 words depending on the length of my speech. Here are the steps you can go through when writing an introduction:

  1. Provide your full name and your qualifications as it relates to the topic.
  2. Provide information about where you were born. This prepares the audience for any accent or cultural traits.
  3. Mention your educational awards or other training courses. Most people still value traditional education and street experience.
  4. Mention the last role or position you held which gave you experience on the topic you will speak about.
  5. Mention any award, honorary title or recognition in your industry, or even family.

Assuming I have to give a speech on Social Media, let me walk you through an example which makes use of the formula above:

Ladies and gentlemen, Lionnel Yamentou is a social media enthusiast who spends more time on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter than he spends eating. He comes to us all the way from Ghana in West Africa and has lived in the United States for a little over two years. He does not speak like an American yet, but most people are generally able to understand what he says. Don’t be the exception.

He holds a Master Degree in Computer Information System and has been emotionally involved with computers since he was in his late teenage years. Lionnel makes a living speaking to computer at a private university and he lives his making speaking to people.

Lionnel runs a somehow popular blog where he publishes his thoughts and other people’s ideas on technology and social media. He is the go to guy in his family for Information Technology related matters  and he was once voted as the “Best Brother in The World” by all his siblings.

To share his experience and knowledge in social media today, please with a round of applause help me welcome Lionnel Yamentou.

Total number of words: 182.

Notice how I made use of humor at every opportunity, do the same when writing your own introductions. What formula or process do you use when writing introductions for yourself as a speaker?

Day 14 of 21: 100 words per day for 21 days. 421 words.