My Top 5 Goals for 2017

As a tradition, I used to start the year with a list of 10 to 25 goals. After learning about goal settings and top performance, I shrunk that list to 5. The list of 5 is much more effective and it forces me to focus on what’s important. For 2017 below is my list of goals:

  1. Study for and successfully pass my California Real Estate License Exam.
  2. Earn >= $100 / month from speaking opportunities (including product sales).
  3. Reduce my weight from 197 to 180 during the first 6 months of the year to remain in great physical condition.
  4. Continue teaching at the local college.
  5. Start and complete my change of status.

In my journal, I also specify how I have to be and what I have to do for my goals to be executed successfully. There are a few comments I could make about those goals and why they are important, but I will leave that for a possible future post.

What are your top 5 goals for 2017?

  • Perhaps, I’m a bit too optimistic…

    1 – Finish my first advanced TM manual (all 5 speeches.)
    2 – Increase my passive-residual income +25% (or about +$3.27, oh yeah! lol)
    3 – Turn my humble 2 pack belly into a 6 pack (okay, 4 pack!)
    4 – Finish my DIY RC lawnmower project (…and full autonomy summer 2018!)
    5.- Travel to one new country (…New Zealand or Germany).

    PS – Writing your goals – 50%+ more likely to succeed. Declaring them for social support – 80%+ more likely to succeed. Posting them on your blog – I don’t know for sure, but I am guessing it adds at least 5-10%?!

    • Thanks for sharing your goals! 🙂
      Are you making progress?

      • (1) I have 2 speeches completed and the 3rd scheduled this month. (3) I’ve been sticking to my diet – next step to increase my workouts. (4) I am ordering the parts I need to get started next week. 🙂

        (2 & 5) Sadly, no progress yet. 🙁

      • How about you? I see your hitting your writing goals! 🙂