Speaking at Los Angeles Harbor College

Last Tuesday morning, March 26th, I had the privilege to share my personal story and my message on the importance of life planning to a group of over 45 students at Harbor College in the Los Angeles county. It was my first experience speaking to such a diverse audience of a relatively younger age range, and the message was very well received. Thank you to Mrs. Janet Laurin for giving me that platform. Mrs. Laurin, you are awesome!

los angeles harbor college

My hope is that a majority of the students take action after listening to the message and decide to create and start living their best future. Like one of my favorite quotes by Peter F. Drucker says:

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

I will start seeking more opportunities in colleges and universities to share that message with as many young people as possible. The reality is that you might get the same results by planning or not, but by planning you achieve two things: 1. You reduce the time necessary to get the desired result, and 2. You become more specific about the desired result and increase your probability of getting just that.

I encourage you to plan your life with as many details as possible, and when you do, applying faith and action will make the laws of the universe work in your favor and move you almost effortlessly to your destination, to the realization of all your dreams!