Time with Lionnel on stage is always a great time. Students will be motivated, inspired and called to make decisions. Those decisions will be followed by actions, over time, that will help them become better students. A school full of better students is a better school.

Most popular types of events include:

  • Student Leadership Conferences
  • High School Assemblies
  • Middle School Assemblies
  • Teen Summit Programs
  • Back-to-School Orientations
  • Student Leader Trainings and Retreats

Below are some of Lionnel’s most popular presentations. Feel free to use the Contact link above and email or call Lionnel with any specific questions. If you are ready to book Lionnel for your group, go ahead and use the Book Lionnel form.

Keynotes & Workshops

The Missing Guide to Life

Today’s youth is more confused than ever before. The confusion stems from the fact that there have never been times such as the times we live in. Times where parents are under increasing financial pressures, and schools are under intense pressure to adapt to the rapid changes in society. The only way for the youth to survive, adapt and thrive in the face of so much apparent adversity is to trust and follow “The Missing Guide to Life.” Students will be introduced to the guide during this session, and will learn how to use it as a reference for making life-shaping decisions that will lead to live happy, productive and successful lives – in school and beyond.

This session is ideal for high school seniors (grades 9 to 12), high school graduates, college-bound high schoolers, and college students.

Always Do Your Best

Studies show that poor or below average academic performance is usually the result of students not spending enough quality time learning. In this session, we look at the top reasons why students don’t always dedicate themselves to performing at their best. We also present them with easy practical solutions to empower them to embrace academic success and excellence. Students don’t do poorly in school because they are not intelligent, or because they are less talented than their peers. Encouraged, motivated and self-driven to alway do their best, academic performance across the entire school will rise!

This session is ideal for middle and junior high school (grades 5 to 9.)

You Make it Happen!

The youth in our educational institutions will not rise to the challenges if they are not challenged to embrace them. With issues confronting them such as high obesity rates, living at or below the poverty line, technology, bullying, budgets cuts, it is more important than ever before that the youth rise to the challenge of leadership. During this session, students will be empowered to look at problems in their environments as opportunities to lead and affect positive changes in their local communities. All positive change starts with one person who makes to the decision to make it happen.

This session is ideal for high school seniors and college students.

What’s the difference between a keynote and a workshop?

In a keynote, I deliver information at a higher level of abstraction, with less nitty-gritty specifics. I always provide specific explanations, examples, applications for your audience, and a call to action. My keynotes inspire, inform, entertain, and give hope of some change.

In my workshops we go deeper with my content and deliver information at a lower level of abstraction. My workshops are packed with exercises and tools that make applications of the concepts discussed easy, by every participant.