Find out what clients say about Lionnel Yamentou as a speaker and trainer.

What Meeting Planners Say

Your talk was absolutely fantastic tonight!  I can’t thank you enough for the time and effort you put into your talk and for presenting to the IAAP-VOC chapter.  I know everyone thoroughly enjoyed your talk. Several of us were there an hour or so after the meeting, and I heard several wonderful comments.
Theresa Bergin J
VP of Programs
IAAP Valencia-Orange County Chapter

Thank you so much for having agreed to be our presenter. I feel we had the BEST presenter for this activity. I know the information resonated with the students and many had similar stories, which made it easier for them to make a connection with what you were saying (Many of my students came from other countries like the Philippines, Mexico, & El Salvador) Your amazing tip of KFD- Know, Feel, Do… and then having the students model it by doing a presentation, really helped us!!! You showed us that confidence in oneself can also really make a difference. One thing I liked was that you placed importance on tone of voice, eye contact and mannerisms. I think the students also liked the fact that you took time to memorize their names and use them in your speech. It made it even that more meaningful to them. Again, Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to do your research and to speak with me about the presentation.
Eva Juarez
Santiago Canyon College

HS & Community Outreach Specialist

What Business Associates Say


 What Audience Members Say

The following comments were made on feedback forms after one of my Social Media training workshop.

  • This was a terrific overview of social media. Very well prepared and very helpful.
  • Lionnel is the bomb!!! Sharp dressed man! Great speaker! Great information.
  • I love hearing Lionnel speak. Such a natural presence. Friendly, supportive, powerful, engaging.
  • Lionnel is an enthusiastic speaker with knowledge.
  • Excellent presentation. I would like to have 5 hours of workshop like this with Lionnel.
  • I learned valuable content I can use now.
  • Very charming speaker. Kept us engaged. Had good audience participation.
  • Lionnel is very professional. The audience is older, so he spoke so we could understand.
  • Excellent speaker – organized and knowledgeable.
  • Lionnel was very knowledgeable and engaged the class. He covered key info and educated us who are social media challenged.