The Single Best Way to Make Yourself Feel Miserable

Race horses with blinders on!
Race horses with blinders on!

Have you ever felt really really really good? I bet you have for at least a few moments in your life experience. If not, don’t call or email me (just in case your condition is contagious.) But keep reading. 😀

During my exercise routine today it downed on me that the reason why racing horses have blinders on is so that they are not distracted by everything going on around them. All they have to guide them is their jockeys. The horses that win the most races are the ones that are ridden by the most experienced jockeys. Experienced jockeys know how to drive their horses towards the finish line, sometimes emerging from the last place in the race.

Compare a horse race with a human 100 meter run. Humans runners don’t need blinders on because they have developed a greater discipline and focus through long hours of rigorous training. Despite all the distractions during the running competitions, they can run undeterred to the finish line. All sprint runners start on the same line, but what ultimately makes the different between the first, last and everyone in between is their focus and determination to win.

The moment a runner takes his attention off the goal of winning, to the other runners who have started to overtake him, he begins to lose. That is the single best way to make yourself feel miserable. In other words, the single best way to make yourself feel miserable is to take your eyes off YOUR finish line. 

All human beings, including you and I start the race of life naked, speechless and… in shock. One of the beauties of life is in the fact that as many as we are on the planet, we each have own own unique finish lines to run towards. The challenge for most is to identify which track they are supposed to be running on, and once they find the track, to have the courage to stick to it until the finish line. If you get past your finish line, then you get to relax and enjoy the beautiful sights as you watch others confused about what track to run on, or challenged with sticking to their tracks.

Find your track, run your own race, move towards your own finish line. Never be concerned with other people’s races when you either have not found your own track, or have not crossed your finish line.

Note: I was joking about you not calling or emailing me if your condition is contagious. Call or email me if you have decided to make a change and you want to share your vision and aspiration with a fellow traveler. 🙂