Top 10 professional speakers to share the stage with

As I continue working on myself to become an award winning professional speaking to the rank of Patricia Fripp and Les Brown, there is a list I have developed of the top 10 speakers I will share the stage with throughout my career. big-stage-speaker

This list is posted here for reference and will give you an opportunity to check out the credentials and accomplishments of these refined and accomplished speakers. Looking up to them and using them as role models can server you well, as well as it serves me (if not more.) That is provided you are also interested in professional speaking. Otherwise, these individuals have built tremendously successful businesses around their honed skills. That is something we can all learn from.

Here goes the list:

The list is in no particular order. All the people in the list above have made various contributions to my life in different ways. And because it is possible that dreams come true like every single one of them will attest to, my dream of being on stage with each one of them will come true.

Is there someone or are there some people in your industry you are interested in working with?