Top 5 Free Webinar Services For Speakers

One aspect of my speaking business for next year involves conducting monthly webinars on various topics. As part of my research for a solid and affordable webinar platform, I am listing below the top 5 services that made the best impression on me. webinars

AnyMeeting offers a full-featured web conferencing product designed and priced for small business, including a completely free ad-supported option. The setup is easy and creating an account was painless. If you need not to pay for your webinars and don’t mind your webinar participants being exposed to ads you have no control over, AnyMeeting might be the way to go for you.

FreeConferenceCall offers screen sharing with up to 25 attendees at no cost. It is more a conference calling service than a webinar service, but I tested their screen sharing feature and it worked really well. The neat thing is that your participants don’t need a computer to listen to you. You will have to rely less on visuals. However, for those participants with computer access, there is no software download. They can simply access your broadcast through their any modern browser.

BigMarker is the most solid solution I have experienced. It gives you up to 100 free participants and there are no ads. The only downside to BigMarker is that it only supports Chrome for now. However, they are working on supporting other browsers soon. BigMarker is the platform I will personally use.

MeetingBurner is a fast and simple online meeting platform that gives you 10 participants for free. MeetingBurner is the service which integrates best with Social Media sites. It has options to create Facebook webinar page, audio conferencing on phone and computer, automated email reminders, and more. The major con for MeetingBurner is that its free option does not allow you to record the webinar. Bummer! If you don’t care about recording or can setup alternative ways of recording video and audio output on your computer, MeetingBurner might be for you.

FreeScreenSharing is a service of the same company offering This is a webinar service that is 100% free and the best in terms of customization options. The only cons I found with this service is 1) the missing option to record the webinar and 2) having to install a executable before running the host program. Otherwise, this is the way to go for starters.

If you are looking for a more comprehensive list of Webinar or Call Conferencing solutions for small businesses, see the following link:

What other tools do you have experience with or would you like to recommend?