Why I Quit Social Media


As of August 2018, I’ve successfully deactivated all my social media accounts except for LinkedIn. Here are 3 reasons why I quit social media:

  • Privacy Issues

With all the privacy scandals that have surrounded Facebook (the biggest social media network) these days, leaving Facebook/Social Media was trending. I considered and decided to jump on the bandwagon when I realized that a lot of my privacy settings were too open.

  • Addictions

Social media can be addictive. I noticed that I was spending too much time on Instagram and Facebook. Too much time is a few hours a day for me. For others who are truly addicted, an hour without their smartphones scrolling on a social media site is almost impossible, unless they are asleep. Instagram was taking way more of my time than I care to admit, and it was becoming a tool for distraction, rather than for productivity.

  • (Re)Focus on Self-Development

I have a collection of more than 300 books in my personal library, and it has been more than 3 months since I read a book cover to cover. That’s not good. Phones are designed to be addictive and my self-development has been suffering because of all the time I have been spending on social media. Less/No social media time = more  time for focusing on developing myself.

The only social media platform I will keep using is Quora because I find that answers on the platform are generally of good quality.

Hasta la vista social media!