You Already Have What You Need

You already have what you “need” to start. Everything else you think is just things you “want” to give yourself permission to start. Finishing what we start is hard, but starting can sometimes be made harder by believing in not being ready enough.

Failure is the best feedback mechanism that exists, especially when we are able to assess those failures, establish what did not work and try again without losing enthusiasm.

For the longest time I have convinced myself that I need one more thing to get on board and stay the course with projects that would lead me closer to the realization of my dreams. But as I grow in years, I am better able to reflect on my failures and more easily able to identify my excuses, those reasons that are roadblocks, consciously or not.

My reminder to you and to myself today is this: Enthusiasm and a desire to learn and grow will beat already acquired knowledge and lack of confidence. Start where you are, with what you have, and grow as you go.