Peace begins when…

Yesterday, March 28th I was a guest speaker at the Founder’s District Division C council meeting at the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Groove, CA. Great time! At the event, I met¬†(among other beautiful people) Frannie and Norm Stein whom I ¬†learned immensely from. It is amazing how much one can learn when he (or she) keeps quiet and listens. During my interaction with Frannie, she shared with me her thoughts about what we can do to improve the quality of human interactions and by consequence, the quality of our lives. She introduced me with me the concept of “Spiritual Hospitality” Continue reading Peace begins when…

Speaking at Los Angeles Harbor College

Last Tuesday morning, March 26th, I had the privilege to share my personal story and my message on the importance of life planning to a group of over 45 students at Harbor College in the Los Angeles county. It was my first experience speaking to such a diverse audience of a relatively younger age range, and the message was very well received. Thank you to Mrs. Janet Laurin for giving me that platform. Mrs. Laurin, you are awesome! My hope is that a majority of the students take action after listening to the message and decide to create and start Continue reading Speaking at Los Angeles Harbor College

Make it easy for your audience to buy

I was speaking today at the All Nations Toastmasters Club and one of the announcements I made at the end of the meeting was my upcoming Strategic Life Planning conference call, on March 25th 2013 from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Reviewing my sales pitch to the audience in attendance at the meeting, I realized that I did not make it easy for them to buy into my product, in this case, participating in the free conference call. I could definitely have done better, and I will do better next time. The largest room in the world is the room Continue reading Make it easy for your audience to buy

Evaluate an Ice Breaker speech

During my last meeting at the Taboos Toastmasters club, there was a mini debate about what an evaluation for an Ice Breaker speech should include. Based on my experiences, in this video I share what I believe are the rules we should all follow when evaluating an Ice Breaker speech. Your comments and suggestions on how to give the best possible evaluation for Ice Breakers are welcome. Use the comments box below.

Gifted Hands: The Movie

I have a time slot on my weekly agenda reserved for entertainment and even though that time slot is on Saturday or Sunday afternoon, I decided to shift it to today and I am so glad I did. My entertainment time is usually spend with friends or at the beach but today I watched a movie: “Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story”. I want to share a few lessons I learned during this hour and half. Here are the lessons: Prayer works. During the movie, every time Dr. Carson is faced with a situation he cannot handle by himself, he Continue reading Gifted Hands: The Movie