Gifted Hands: The Movie

I have a time slot on my weekly agenda reserved for entertainment and even though that time slot is on Saturday or Sunday afternoon, I decided to shift it to today and I am so glad I did. My entertainment time is usually spend with friends or at the beach but today I watched a movie: “Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story”.

Gifted Hands

I want to share a few lessons I learned during this hour and half. Here are the lessons:

  • Prayer works. During the movie, every time Dr. Carson is faced with a situation he cannot handle by himself, he prays. Prayer always helped him, as it is a powerful tool in the toolbox of a believer. Pray!
  • Have someone who believes in your potential. Ben’s mother always saw in him what he did not see in himself, until he began to see. One of the favorite expressions his mother uses in the movie is this: “You just have to see beyond what you can see.”
  • Always do what is right, regardless of the possible consequences. Soon after beginning his internship, Dr. Carson performs an unauthorized and unsupervised surgery on a patient who would have otherwise died without an immediate intervention. He is not fired but rather congratulated for taking the risk to do what is right for a doctor, attempting to save a life despite the possible consequences in the case of failure.

The above are only three lessons, but a book could be written out the movie, which is made out of a published and bestselling book.The book was recommended to me by Mrs. Santiago, the Librarian at my university. Thank you Mrs. Santiago. I will read the book “Think Big: Unleashing Your Potential for Excellence”. The movie gives a good account of his life based on the bestselling autobiography. I strongly recommend you do watch this movie if you can.