Interview of Bernard Kelvin Clive: Author and Speaker

I recently interviewed Ghanaian author and speaker Bernard Kelvin Clive. Bernard has published over 8 different books on and he is an authority in the fields of self-publishing and motivational speaking in Ghana and abroad. The interview was based on his book: Ebook Publishing for Newbies: How to Publish and Sell your Books with Little or No Money. The book is available on and having purchase and read a copy myself, I highly recommend it if you have ever considered writing and publishing a book or an ebook. It is easier than you think and Bernard makes it even Continue reading Interview of Bernard Kelvin Clive: Author and Speaker

Three leadership lessons

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Yesterday (May 25th) was elections day at the All Nations Toastmasters Club and I am excited to have been unanimously chosen to continue serving as club president for six months, starting July 2013. Over the last 5 months, January to May 2013, here are a few of the leadership lessons I have learned by serving the club: The only real training for leadership is leadership. Anthony Jay All are leaders who accept to rise to the call of leadership. In the age old debate about whether leaders are born or made, I side with the argument that leaders are made. Continue reading Three leadership lessons

Who makes your choices?


Last week Friday, I met with one of my mentors and we had a long conversation for a few hours at his home. When I say conversation, it was more of him talking and me listening. I am always amazed at how much one can learn when he (or she) shuts up and listens. I love listening and during that listening session, my mentor shared with me the content of one presentation he had made to a group of young students in a classroom prior to our meeting. The presentation was about the choices those young students were making now Continue reading Who makes your choices?

The Graduation Ceremony

Lionnel Yamentou Graduation 2013

Saturday May 18, 2013 was the graduation ceremony during which I was awarded a Master’s Degree in Computer Information System (MSCIS). That felt good. I am a knowledge and formal education junkie, as I began thinking about a second Master’s Degree (MBA) halfway through the MSCIS program. I think I got that from my father, he loves learning and has always encouraged us to go above and beyond what we think we can. The three key moments of the ceremony were: Listening to and learning from the guest speaker. The speech content was solid. Delivery was flawless and well achieve Continue reading The Graduation Ceremony

What are your credentials?

Have you ever been in a situation where the impact of your message is diminished by your “lack” of credentials? Credentials in this context refers to titles such as: Phd., MD, Best Selling Author, etc… I have been speaking a lot more than last year since January this year. I have noticed that almost every time I give a speech to a group that experiences me for the first time, someone in the audience always asks me: “What are your credentials?”. That makes me happy because when someone asks for your credentials, there are only two possible reasons: The good Continue reading What are your credentials?