The Graduation Ceremony

Saturday May 18, 2013 was the graduation ceremony during which I was awarded a Master’s Degree in Computer Information System (MSCIS). That felt good. I am a knowledge and formal education junkie, as I began thinking about a second Master’s Degree (MBA) halfway through the MSCIS program. I think I got that from my father, he loves learning and has always encouraged us to go above and beyond what we think we can.

The three key moments of the ceremony were:

  • Listening to and learning from the guest speaker. The speech content was solid. Delivery was flawless and well achieve its purpose which was to inspire us to something greater after completing this important stage of our lives.
  • Getting up on the stage to receive my award. Being up there and receiving the award seem to be what all the process culminates to. When you are up there as a graduate, your sacrifices and efforts are acknowledged and awarded.
  • Interacting with my fellow graduates and congratulating them on their achievements. I have made good friends throughout the academic program and it one of the unique benefits of my university is that now I have connections and access to people from over 10 different countries in the world. That will come in handy sometime in the future, I am certain of that.

Lionnel Yamentou Graduation 2013

I was privileged, honored and blessed to have my adoptive parents at my graduation ceremony, Eugene and Lucy. I love them so much and even though they don’t have white wings and glow in the dark, they are two of the angels the heavens have appointed to look after me. They have very well taken care of me and continue to do so daily. God has mysterious ways of using people to work in our lives and I recognize His hand in a lot of my daily interraction with people and positive outcomes I have experienced since the very first day I decided to embark on completing this Master’s Degree program. To God be the glory!