Why did Susan Quit?

If you have been engaged in the workforce for a good number of years, I am sure you have had to quit or got fired at least once. I meet Susan every morning when I go out for my exercise routine. Susan is a young lady probably in her mid sixties, with a great upbeat positive attitude. She helps elementary school children safely cross the road a few dozen steps away from where I live.

This morning after we exchanged our usual greetings, she told me: “You won’t see me anymore from next week, I quit.” My reaction was, as you expected: “Why?” She said: “It is not a good company. ” At that moment I felt like asking her the reason why she was saying that, but she was busy working and I was on my way home to get ready for work. I probably won’t see Susan again, but I will remember Susan as a positive young lady who worked on ensuring the safety of elementary school children every school day for the past year or so.

I don’t know why Susan quit, but here is what I know: Based on her attitude, she will not stay unemployed for long.

Why did Susan quit?

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Top Two Things Not To Do Before Sleep

Sleep is probably the most important part of our days during which we are not awake. Did you get that? Yes, sleep is pretty important. Growing up, I was taught that we need to sleep 6 to 8 hours every day, depending on the phase of physiological development we are at. However, now that I am a bit older and can research to choose for myself, I know that it is not the number of hours you sleep that count, it is the quality of your sleep. Bedtime

If you have ever gone to bed with the intention of resting and woke up more tired or feeling more exhausted than when you were going to bed, you know what I mean. In order to ensure that you sleep well and wake up feeling rested and re-energized, here are three things not to before you go to bed for sleep:

  • Watch news on TV or scary movies

TV networks show news that are depressing most of the time. Humans are unfortunately naturally entertained by scandals and tragedies.  At least 3 to 5 hours before bedtime, don’t watch the news or any form of horror movie. I would even recommend not to watch TV, except for comedy or animation pictures. As a general rule, if you want to watch something before sleeping, don’t watch anything that might put you in any state other than joy and happiness.

  • Drink coffee, soda or any other caffeinated drink.

I personally experimented with this for two weeks. I would drink two cups of coffee between 10 and 12 midnight, then go to sleep. In almost every time, I would wake up with a headache. The results were conclusive for me. No coffee or any other drink containing caffeine before bedtime. Coffee is best in the morning, if you have to. Soda is best during the day, noon or afternoon, if you have to. Avoid those two forms of drink any other time.

What would you add to this list of things NOT to do before sleep?

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Are you recording this?

Have you ever found yourself saying things to people and later wondered where what you said came from? It happens to me all the time. Yesterday I was meeting with my friend Linda and during our conversation, she said so many good and profound statements. Her words were so captivating that I had to ask her: “Linda, are you recording this?” She said yes. And told me she always writes her thoughts and words, especially those words that seem to be coming from someone else as you speak.  recording

Those things we sometimes say and feel like it might not be us speaking come from the books we read, the people we heard, the movies we watched, and anything else we might have been exposed to thought any one of our six common senses. The human mind has an infinite processing and storage power. I say infinite because when we think we are done filling up the visible part of our mind, the invisible part will still be available and its depths are not yet known to mankind.

Recording your life experiences on audio, video, in writing or whatever other creative means is something you must engage in.

Are you recording this?

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Fail with Purpose

A failure is an experience that does not produce the results you want or expect. But to most people around you, a failure is a situation or a condition where you do not get the results they want you to produce. In school for example, we want our children to produce A and A+ results and we consider them as failing in school if they bring home D and F grades. It is my belief that sometimes we can fail with a purpose. We can position ourselves in a way that in order to move to the next level in our life or toward our goal, we have to experience failure. rocky 3

I was watching a scene in the movie Rocky 3 and that scene has a beautiful example. Rocky starts a boxing match round against the World Champion and he soon realizes that the champion is very strong physically, much stronger than he is. Throughout the first round, he throws punches after punches against his opponent, but to no or little effect. His opponent is just too strong and Rocky’s punches are not heavy enough to affect him. Rocky then decides to fail. He decides to give the second round to his opponent, he get so many punches that it seems like he is being beat up to death. When the bell rings for the second round break, Rocky’s coach gets really mad and does not want to hear about Rocky’s strategy that includes a purposeful failure. But Rocky ignores his coach’s advice and continues to wear out his opponent by allowing him to throw his best punches, which ultimately makes him tired. Rocky ultimately wins the game because his opponent has exhausted all his energy throwing his best punches at him, so much so that he does not have any strength left to defend himself or resist Rocky’s punches which at the beginning of the game were insignificant.

Sometimes in life you have to experience failure knowing that it is with purpose. Temporary defeat and failure can be part of your strategy to win. What gets many people when they fail is the fact that they do not know that they could have built the failure experience into the process of getting the results that they desire.

Have you ever failed with purpose?

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When Was The Last Time?

When was the last time you stopped to notice the beauty of nature and “smell the roses.” Ok, some roses don’t smell that good but they all look very good. In our current state of existence, most of us don’t even notice nature anymore. Even in non-urban areas, people have so many items they allow to be stressed by that they don’t give themselves timeouts to smell the roses. when was the last time?

I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.
Emma Goldman

There is beauty in everything. They problem is that when we stay for too long in a place where the beauty becomes part of the decor, we become desensitized to beauty, at least in that setting. The beauty never leaves, but our awareness of the beauty is carried away by man-made things or situations.

This came to my awareness when I was once engaged in my morning routine and as I walked passed by a group of flowers, their beauty drew me in. Those flowers had always been there, part of the decor but I had never noticed them. For the rest of that week I made the decision to stop and admire those roses as they were on my walking trail. I did, and it was refreshing and rejuvenating.

When was the last time you literally stopped and smelled the roses?

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