Are Your Words Hurting or Healing?

Words can be used to hurt or to heal, the choice is usually ours to make. I watched someone deliver a speech today and he had a great story. When he was only 6 years old, his mother told him in very clear words that he would never amount to anything. That was the recurring theme within the conversation between his parents and him until he permanently left the house when he turned 15.

When he joined the army, he was lucky to encounter one of his superior who saw something greater in him and spoke healing words. Those healing words, words of encouragements, created a new vision in his mind. He went on to heal from that abusive childhood and grew stronger and more confident in himself. I can’t imagine the damage such words would do to a child, or an adult for that matter.

Each and every one of us on the planet has experience hard times in one form or another. In every interaction we have with others and with ourselves, let’s remember to always speak words that heal, and never words that hurt.

Is there one absolute absolute in life?

After my weekly meeting with coach Linda, a question came to mind as I was driving home. You might have already asked yourself that question at some point or another during your lifetime. The question is: Is there any absolute truth in this universe? Marianne Williamson Quote

The question was prompted because during my interaction with Linda, the beauty of life and its wonders hit me in the face, as it very often does. When you tune in to the channels that broadcast peace, good health, financial abundance, you cannot help but be dazzled by life’s beauty. As many as we are on the planet, each of us is unique and has a different experience than anyone else on the planet.

If there is one absolute absolute, it is that “Every human experience is valid.” Everything is right with you, and me and everyone else on the planet. We are just experiencing the various possible expressions of Life, and they are infinite. That is why no two humans have the same fingerprint. If you have been led to believe that there is success and failure, top and bottom, know that there is always room at the top.

The absolute absolute in life is that “Your human experience is valid” as it is. However if you don’t like it, you have been given the power to make any change to move into any direction you desire. That power is activated once you begin to zoom in on what you want and keep thy eye single. The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. Matthew 6:22 (KJV)

EVERYONE is a manifestation of the One WHOLE One. The multiverse is made up of parts which are NOT separate from, but are all parts OF God. Since you’ve been granted free will by your Creator, however, it takes an effort to be AWARE of being at one with the Whole, while still being aware of your individuality. Source:

You are beautiful, and Life is Good! 😀

Can You Wait Long Enough To Get What You Asked For?

There is a gestation period for everything on the face of the earth. Everything comes out of the unseen to the visible, but the process in almost every case takes some amount of time. Einstein is quoted as saying “The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.” If we had no time between our thoughts or ideas and their manifestations, most of us would be in great trouble. That is considering the fact that most our thoughts have a negative orientation. woman waiting

I remember I was once in a restaurant with my friend Dani and a lady came to ask us (begging) for money. She had an almost newborn baby on her left shoulder and was holding a sign that read something to the effect of “I need money for baby’s food.” I was urged to give her something, and I had a few dollar bills in my pockets.

However, before reaching out to give her the money, I decided to help her change her mood by engaging in a conversation. I asked her the question: “What’s your story? Where is the child’s father?” She went on to tell me something I cannot remember. Following that, in an attempt to make her laugh, I said something that was supposed to be funny. It probably was, because she laughed.

However, because she has asked for money and I was doing everything but showing her that she was going to get it, she disengaged. She interrupted something I was saying with a “Thank You!” and left. If only she had held on a little longer, she would have had what she had asked for. After she was gone, I told Dani: She was not patient enough, I was going to give her money.

There are three steps to get anything you want: 1) Decide 2) Ask 3) Wait.

Waiting is usually the hardest part, especially when what you asked for is bigger and better than what you currently have. In order to make the waiting easier it is important to do the following three things:

  • Remain Faithful

You decided to have that which you want because it is possible you can have it. You asked for it because you started believing it could be yours. You wait because you know it will be yours.

Remaining faithful is about keeping the fire burning. It is about knowing that you no matter how dark the stairs might look, taking the next step will definitely lead you to what you want.

  • Remain Active

Nothing good comes to a Man who has his arms or mind crossed. Imagine for example a husband who decides to be a father. Once he has asked his wife and she has accepted, he has to get and keep busy. There have not anyone else born from the holy ghost’s since Jesus’ birth.

A farmer who has sown all the rights seeds on his farm cannot just fold his harm and wait for a plentiful harvest. He must remain active, working to remove all the weeds and protecting the growing plants from natural threats.

  • Remain Positive

Sometimes what you asked for will show up in a form that you don’t recognize because you did not expect it that way. If you adopt a negative attitude, you will miss it. It is important as you wait for the manifestation of your desires to be positive and always see the good.

The best way to develop a positive attitude is to practice gratefulness. Be grateful for the little things, so much so that the big things are attracted to you.

Next time you have to wait for something you decided to have and asked for, remember to remain faithful, active, and positive.

Three Lessons From My Journey Out of Obesity – Part 1

One out of every three people you meet every day is obese. Obesity is a medical condition in which excess body fat has accumulated to the extent that it may have a negative effect on health, leading to reduced life expectancy and/or increased health problems ( In June this year I spent a few weeks living close to the White House, in Washington, DC. My stay there was as a result of The Road Tripping Toastmasters project I had embarked on.

When I looked at this picture and saw my belly, I decided do intensify my workout. Which one of your pictures can you use to motivate yourself?

During my stay in Washington, DC, I found a Higi Station at a Giant store and out of sheer curiosity, I used it. The Higi Station checks vitals like your blood pressure, heart rate, weight, and calculates your BMI (Body Mass Index). My BMI was 36.47. According to the World Health Organization, a BMI  of 30 or above indicates obesity. It does not necessarily equate to health issues, but that must make you ring the alarm.

In my case, with a blood pressure at 149/91 mmHg (normal is 120/80 mmHg), I knew I had to take some action in order to get in better shape. So I did. I specifically took three steps:

  1. Created a support group. I informed my family members about those facts and enlisted them in a support group to help me make a positive change.
  2. Educated myself. I had always been aware that the food we eat has a lot to do with the quality of life we lead. However, I had somehow believed that because I was not “sick”, the food I was eating was good.  Wrong! The greatest talk about food on YouTube is this one:
  3. Recommitted to my daily exercise routine. I used to walk 1 to 2 miles every day, but not always assiduously. I decided to add more intensity to my exercise, and never skip a day (easier said than done).

That was in June. We are now in November and I got new stats from the Higi Station. Here are the relevant info:

  1. Reduced my weight by 5 Pounds (2.26 Kg)
  2. Reduced my blood pressure to 131/85mmHg
  3. Reduced my BMI to …35.61

It might not be impressive, and could have definitely been better. However, the important thing for me is that I have a much better understanding of my health, and how what goes through my mouth impacts my body. Life is a big experiment and more often than not, you and I are being experimented on without our permission or awareness. I think we should individually be running our own experiments to identify that is best for us, rather than letting other people and corporations tell us.

If you feel or look overweight, you probably are. If you know your height and age, here is a tool to quickly calculate your ideal weight: If your current weight exceeds your ideal weight, welcome to the “people who realized they are obese” club. If you want to join the “people on a journey out of obesity club,” keep reading.

What are the three lessons I have for you, you ask? Here they are:

  • Don’t try to normalize your weight without having a good motive for doing so. Otherwise you will feel bad about yourself when your will is not strong enough to maintain the discipline required. My motivation to normalize my weight is the decision I made to reach my 90th birthday in great health. We cannot stop the aging process, but we can slow it down a great deal.
  • Start small and give yourself at least 6 to 12 months before looking for significant changes. It is true that with workout programs like T25 and P90x, or Insanity, you can get amazing results in a very short period of time. However, if you intend to normalize your weight and keep it that way, you have to develop a new set of habits that help you maintain that discipline. If you don’t have any exercise routine, start with a daily 1 mile walk (about 17 minutes for me) and progressively increase it as the days go by.
  • Make a commitment to someone you respect, and be accountable. It might be your spouse, your boss, your business partner, or even your coach (if you have one.)  Being accountable helps keep you on your toes. When you know you have a report to submit and no excuse is acceptable, you get the report done (even if done poorly). Until you learn to do it well, anything worth doing is worth doing poorly.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this series in a few months.

Till then, here are a few links to help you or someone you know tackle his or her obesity situation:

Top 3 Reasons Why Giving Up Is Easy

Have you ever been in a situation where you gave up on something that was beneficial to you and you could not exactly tell why you gave up? My favorite executive coach Linda Brown had me on her empowerment program until I dropped. When she asked me recently “What are the benefits of you giving up?” I felt really challenged. There was no benefit to giving up for me because. I experienced positive changes in me when I was fully engaged with the program. give up cat

However, her question also prompted me to reflect a bit deeper on the question: Why is giving up so easy? And I clarify that in this case I am talking about giving up on doing something that actually is helpful, adds value to your life. Why is that? There are three top reasons I could identify. Here they are:

  • The Call Back From Comfort Zone

This is a major reason. Old habits die hard. Whenever you find yourself moving towards a new goal you set for yourself, your old habits resist and provide reasons for your mind to trick you into giving up.

Programming a new behavior into a habit takes time, sometimes as much time as it took to build the old habit. It takes a strong support system setup outside your comfort zone to keep you away from it. That is why Alcoholics Anonymous members report very positive results more often than not.

  • Life Knocks

Life can knock you down sometimes. It comes out of nowhere and throws punches at you that you could not anticipate. Three days ago I wrote a complete article I was very proud of. More than 500 words that I had completed in less than 15 minutes. I was narrating an experience I had had during the day and drawing lessons from it.

When I was done and clicked on “Preview” in my browser, the article disappeared. Incidentally my Internet connection had been disconnected and I had not realized. I felt so discouraged that I spend the next two days not writing anything. I remained stuck on that emotion towards the writing process.  I am now back and writing, and I am planning on writing to make up for the days I did not write.

  • Weak Reasons

I love the saying “When the dream is big enough, the odds don’t matter.” That is true. However, if your reasons for going after what you want are weak, the dreams don’t matter. If you don’t have enough good reasons not to give up, you will easily give up when the opportunity presents itself. What is good about giving up because you have weak reasons is that once you have stronger and better reasons, it puts you back in the game with renewed strength and zeal.

Have you ever given up on something good for you in the past? Why?

Day 6 of 200 words per day for 10 days.