Is there one absolute absolute in life?

After my weekly meeting with coach Linda, a question came to mind as I was driving home. You might have already asked yourself that question at some point or another during your lifetime. The question is: Is there any absolute truth in this universe? Marianne Williamson Quote

The question was prompted because during my interaction with Linda, the beauty of life and its wonders hit me in the face, as it very often does. When you tune in to the channels that broadcast peace, good health, financial abundance, you cannot help but be dazzled by life’s beauty. As many as we are on the planet, each of us is unique and has a different experience than anyone else on the planet.

If there is one absolute absolute, it is that “Every human experience is valid.” Everything is right with you, and me and everyone else on the planet. We are just experiencing the various possible expressions of Life, and they are infinite. That is why no two humans have the same fingerprint. If you have been led to believe that there is success and failure, top and bottom, know that there is always room at the top.

The absolute absolute in life is that “Your human experience is valid” as it is. However if you don’t like it, you have been given the power to make any change to move into any direction you desire. That power is activated once you begin to zoom in on what you want and keep thy eye single. The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. Matthew 6:22 (KJV)

EVERYONE is a manifestation of the One WHOLE One. The multiverse is made up of parts which are NOT separate from, but are all parts OF God. Since you’ve been granted free will by your Creator, however, it takes an effort to be AWARE of being at one with the Whole, while still being aware of your individuality. Source:

You are beautiful, and Life is Good! 😀