The Single Best Way to Make Yourself Feel Miserable

Race horses with blinders on!
Race horses with blinders on!

Have you ever felt really really really good? I bet you have for at least a few moments in your life experience. If not, don’t call or email me (just in case your condition is contagious.) But keep reading. ūüėÄ

During my exercise routine today it downed on me that the reason why racing horses have blinders on is so that they are not distracted by everything going on around them. All they have to guide them is their jockeys. The horses that win the most races are the ones that are ridden by the most experienced jockeys. Experienced jockeys know how to drive their horses towards the finish line, sometimes emerging from the last place in the race.

Compare a horse race with a human 100 meter run. Humans runners don’t need blinders on because they have developed a greater discipline and focus through long hours of rigorous training. Despite all the distractions during the running competitions, they can run undeterred to the finish line. All sprint runners start on the same line, but what ultimately makes the different between the first, last and everyone in between is their focus and determination to win.

The moment a runner takes his attention off the goal of winning, to the other runners who have started to overtake him, he begins to lose. That is the single best way to make yourself feel miserable. In other words, the single best way to make yourself feel miserable is to take your eyes off YOUR finish line. 

All human beings, including you and I start the race of life naked, speechless and… in shock.¬†One of the beauties of life is in the fact that as many as we are on the planet, we each have own own unique finish lines to run towards. The challenge for most is to identify which track they are supposed to be running on, and once they find the track, to have the courage to stick to it until the finish line. If you get past your finish line, then you get to relax and enjoy the beautiful sights as you watch others confused about what track to run on, or challenged with sticking to their tracks.

Find your track, run your own race, move towards your own finish line. Never be concerned¬†with other people’s races when you either have not found your own track, or have not crossed your finish line.

Note: I was joking about you not calling or emailing me if your condition is contagious. Call or email me if you have decided to make a change and you want to share your vision and aspiration with a fellow traveler. ūüôā

My Experience at the LACE Training – January 10, 2015

Two years ago, in January 2013 when I attended my very first Founder’s District LACE training event, I was impressed with how much knowledge and experience the presenters had. Without any reason (a that time) to do so, I saw myself as one of the presenters. I felt it would be a great privilege and honor to be given such responsibility. I did not embrace the thought, but did not reject it either.¬†That thought was echoed by my friend Nadine Nofziger. Nadine had already had the privilege¬†to share her knowledge and experience as a presenter at a¬†LACE training event.

With a cross section of the audience.

As a member of Toastmasters International, once every 6 months all club officers are required to complete “Officers Training.” To create a more dynamic and valuable experience for its members, most districts also feature special workshops during their events. The featured workshops are on topics like “Speaking without Notes”, “Job Search”, “Effective Networking”, “Club Marketing and Promotion Strategies.”

Yesterday (two years later) I got to share my knowledge and experience as a presenter at a LACE event. I can now check this off my bucket list, and continue seeking bigger stages.¬†The workshop I lead on January 10, 2015 (and will lead again on January 24) was titled: “Social Media Simplified for Speakers & Clubs.”

I have to thank my professional speaker colleague Victor Broski for recommending me to the event co-chair Deborah S. Reisdorph. Thank you Victor! Deborah, as one of the event planners, thank you too for trusting me with your audience.

Lesson: If

Life is an exciting adventure, and I am loving it!

For more information about LACE, visit this page:

Lessons From the 365 Days of Public Speaking Project

It’s a wrap for the 365 Days of Public Speaking Project. 136 YouTube videos later, I can say that it has been a great experience. The original idea was to produce content daily on a subject¬†I love, public speaking.¬†When I started the year my ambition was to create one 2 to 5 minutes video and publish on under the channel I had created for the purpose. The channel is accessible here:¬†

The project was not successfully completed. I stopped recording after the 136th video. There are many reasons why I stopped, and reflecting about the experience allowed me to draw the following three lessons:

  • A Half Baked Cake is Better Than No Cake

When you are hungry enough, a half baked cake tastes as good as a fully baked cake. It would have been great to finish with the 365 videos, but I am happy I hit 136 videos. That is about 37% of the goal and it is much better than 25%. In other words, if you don’t hit a goal you had set for yourself but have been able to achieve it partially, you can be proud of yourself for taking a good swing at it.

  • Developed Daily Discipline is an Invaluable Skill

One of the reasons why I did not go through to the 365 envisioned videos is because I did not have enough discipline. I guess when I did not see traffic coming to the videos, my interest and zeal for the project declined. That should not have happened. I should have been disciplined to keep going. Discipline is doing what must be done even when one does not want or feel like doing it. I was not disciplined enough to carry the project through to completion. In other words, be disciplined enough to do what you have to do, even when you don’t want or feel like doing it.

  • No Effort is Ever Wasted

I have realized that effort I have put into creating each of the videos was beneficial to me. I was either reviewing concepts I already knew, or was learning new concepts for the purpose of explaining them to my online audience. If no one ever watches the videos, I can say that each one of them was an educational experience for me. In other words, there is a learning (or teaching) experience in every activity you undertake.

If you would like to see the list of all the videos, head on to the YouTube channel here:

If you have a YouTube channel, share the link in the comments section below and I will definitely check it out and subscribe.