Have you ever found yourself saying things to people and later wondered where what you said came from? It happens to me all the time. Yesterday I was meeting with my friend Linda and during our conversation, she said so many good and profound statements. Her words were so captivating that I had to ask her: “Linda, are you recording this?” She said yes. And told me she always writes her thoughts and words, especially those words that seem to be coming from someone else as you speak.  recording

Those things we sometimes say and feel like it might not be us speaking come from the books we read, the people we heard, the movies we watched, and anything else we might have been exposed to thought any one of our six common senses. The human mind has an infinite processing and storage power. I say infinite because when we think we are done filling up the visible part of our mind, the invisible part will still be available and its depths are not yet known to mankind.

Recording your life experiences on audio, video, in writing or whatever other creative means is something you must engage in.

Are you recording this?

Day 3 of 200 words per day for 10 days.

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