2014 Review: My Favorite Top 7 Publications

As a student and teacher in the field of personal development, it is my responsibility to regularly produce content. When 2014 started one of my goals was to produce at least one quality blog post every week. I cannot say I have succeeded, sometimes publishing more than once per week, and sometimes less. 2014 year in review

Now looking back at the year and going through titles and re-discovering my content, below are the 7 favorites I have handpicked that are worth (re-)reading:

7. Fail With Purpose

6. Three Things That Will Make Anyone Very Unattractive

5. Five Essential Tools to Improve Your Public Speaking

4. One Magic Word to Increase Your Productivity in 2014, And Beyond

3. Top 3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Making a Major Decision

2. Stop Using These Five Expressions When You Speak

1. I failed at fasting for 7 days, but…

Looking forward to 2015, I will spend more time creating content for my books. One of the benefits of reading is that the more you read, the more you are compelled to write. For artists, having a strategy and process in place is the best way to make sure that content is produced regularly.

I go into 2015 with a new strategy to regularly produce quality content. How about you?

Have a great new year, 2015!