Are you talking yourself out of your dreams?

A dream is any worthy realisation or objective one aims for. The foundation of dreams is hope. Hope is the expectation of a better future, a better tomorrow. Those who have no hope cannot dream. It takes hope, fueled by faith to dream big dreams. Big dreamers, those with the largest portions of hope, have greater chances of having their dreams come true. Those with small dreams usually don’t believe in the fact that their dreams can become reality. It is easy to become distracted by one’s reality and have one’s focus taken off the dream, and reduce our hope. build-your-dream-or-get-hired

The real tragedy with most people is that they talk themselves out of their dreams before even discussing the possibilities with others. For example in a conversation you might catch yourself saying something like: “I dream of having a big business that will provide jobs and create wealth for dozens of people, but I don’t have the money to start, and I don’t really have any business experience.” Have you ever said a similar statement? If you have, then you have been talking yourself out of your dreams. But here is the good news: you can also talk yourself into your dream, or into bigger dreams. The process start with acknowledging every time you make a negative statement about your dreams. Stop yourself and take back every negative word you might have accidentally spoken about your dreams, and reformulate it to show that with faith, courage and enthusiasm your dreams will come true.

Once you have a dream, it is a seed that has been deposited in your spirit by the universe. It is your responsibility to care for that seed, water it, remove the weeds around it, and provide fertilizer to the ground around it for it to grow and bear fruits. You might not be around to enjoy the fruits, but generations after you, and the universe, will be happy you used your seed well. Talk yourself into believing and making your dreams happen. You can do it, I know you can!

Have you ever been guilty of talking yourself out of a dream? What was the dream? Did the dream eventually come true?

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