Can Integrity be Congruent with Imperfection?

Operating with integrity at all times is challenging but it is a worthy goal. Considering the fact that perfection is not a human trait, how can we really claim to have integrity when we cannot be perfect no matter how much or how hard we try?

Maybe those words (integrity, perfection) are just words and what truly makes a difference is how we live our daily lives. Words have different meanings depending on who uses them, based on their life experiences and their belief system and core values. Those are shaped through years of exposure to a multitude of life experience interpreted via the lenses of positive, negative or neutral from the perspective of the one living the experience. 

Integrity is one of my core values. But can I really have integrity when I am inherently not perfect? Is there any congruence in that? Can integrity be congruent with imperfection?

I am so glad it does not have to be. Or does it?