Celebrating 30 with 30 People I am Grateful For.

Today is my birthday, June 7, 2015. I officially turn 30. During my reflection this week, I looked back at the last 30 years. It dawned on me that I have had a lot of help in getting to where I am in today, in alignment with my life goals. Birthday-Dance

As a way of celebrating this day, below is a list of 30 people and groups (or organizations) that have contributed in any form or fashion to the good life I now enjoy. Some of the people on the list have been with me since birth, and others have just been very supportive, encouraging, and inspirational.

The list is in no particular order.

  1. Mom and Dad
  2. Lucy and Eugene Quental
  3. Dwane Johnson (DJ)
  4. Janet Laurin & Family
  5. Frank Koomson & Family
  6. Dr. Ahmad Towfik
  7. Tchamabe Michael
  8. Pouandeu Nadege
  9. Mounkam Axel
  10. Dr. Jason Shin (& the SBU Family – too many to name)
  11. My Friends at OC Toasters (too many to name.)
  12. My Friends at All Nations Club (too many to name.)
  13. Daniyar Seisenov
  14. Dr. David Park
  15. Ghislain Nyayo
  16. Armand Claude Mengueme
  17. Wellbeck Essinam
  18. Les Brown
  19. Abraham-Hicks
  20. Linda Brown (& SOS Community – too many to name.)
  21. Daniel Adjare Boateng (& Family)
  22. Toastmasters International Founder’s District (too many to name)
  23. Dani Youmechi (& Family)
  24. Seth Annan
  25. Edwin Wiredu
  26. Youatou Ginette
  27. Rev. Mawuli Dieudonne Tasiame (& all my former student at MVBITC)
  28. Tonton Emma
  29. Cindy Carpenter
  30. Oscar Degila


When it comes to the people who have and are still making positive and meaningful contribution to my evolution, the list cannot be exhaustive. To the hundreds that I have not named, a bigger THANK YOU.

Onward and upward, to the next 30.