Does any of this matter?

None of this matters. And “this” is whatever experience you are having that does not contribute to a joyful life experience for you. We can only laugh in the face of challenges when we realize that if this was our last moment on the planet, none of this would matter. man in paris

There was a man who wanted to take a long vacation in Paris, from Australia. For his entire life, he was never able spare enough time and money to take the trip. One day he went to the hospital for a regular health check and his doctor told him they had found a cancerous tumor in his heart and he had less than 3 months to live. The man had no close family, but he was a model citizen.

What he decided to do was to sell all his belongings and travel to Paris, where he expected to enjoy his last vacation on earth and die happy. That opportunity helped him put things in perspective and realize that none of the things that don’t bring us joy matter.  The man spent six months in France, found a job as a translator for a reputable tourism agency, and fell in love with a lovely french lady.

Put things in perspective. If you have 3 months left to live, does any of “this” matter?