The one thing you need to succeed in America… and anywhere else

Yesterday morning I had a meeting with my friend Moses Mutulili, a fellow graduate from the California University of Management and Sciences. We had not met for a long time. Over breakfast, we reminisced on the good (and not so good) times. strategy-post

Moses shared his story since moving from Kenya to the US. He summed up all that he learned in about 4 years in a sentence: The single greatest thing you need to succeed in the US is a STRATEGY. I cannot give illustrations without violating the confidentiality of our exchange. However, I can tell you that my friend Moses spoke from experience and I would definitely take advice from him.

The best definition of “success” I ever heard was from the legendary audio program: “The Strangest Secret in the World” by Earl Nightingale. He said: “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.” In other words, if you are on the way to achieve your goals, you are being successful. Are you?

A strategy is a well thought out method of achieving a desired result. Regardless of what part of the world you are in, a strategy gives you the confidence to move toward your goal, regardless of the obstacle or the challenges you might encounter.

Do you have a strategy to be, and remain successful?