Completion over Perfection?

One of the people I admire for his grit and work ethic is Darren Lacroix. Quite some years ago I had the privilege of being the emcee at an even where he was a featured speaker. It was a lot of fun working with him and he appreciated how I introduced him. I documented the experience here:…/

One of Darren’s quotes I have heard him use several times on his tapes and audio programs is: “Done is better than perfect.” Darren inspired me, among other things, to start a YouTube channel where I have published over 100 videos. The first video was very crappy, but it got me started and once I got started, I kept going. The channel is here and you are invited to subscribe:

We all have ideas that have died within us because we didn’t know how to start or didn’t want to produce and release something imperfect. We rather chose to produce nothing… perfect. It’s hard to attempt something the first time and succeed, but it is not impossible. Nothing under the sun is under the best form it could be. There is always a way to improve or enhance anything we observe, within or around us.

Next time you receive the seed of a dream in an idea and you decide to grow and nurture it, aim for completion, not perfection. Most importantly, get started. Only by starting will you set it on the path to perfection.

What seeds do you need to start growing and nurturing?