Job Search in The Social Media Age

As of August 2013, the unemployment rate was 8.9% according to the Employment Development Department of the State of California. It is fact that the job search process, just like almost every other human endeavor or activity, has been dramatically impacted by new technologies and social media throughout the last decade. Those who want to get jobs have to not only be among the best in their fields, but they have to learn how to leverage social media to establish credibility and provide evidence of their ability and media and job search

After publishing Traditional résumés are now irrelevant. Here are 3 alternatives, I organized and hosted the Job Search in The Social Media Age seminar. I took participants to the seminar through a series of steps they can take to develop a strong online presence in alignment with their job search strategy.

For your benefits, I hosted the slides deck I used for that seminar on SlideShare. It is embedded below for your convenience.

Based on feedback received before and after the seminar, I am in the process of developing a 21 days program on how to use social media (in alignment with your job search strategy) to land the job of your dreams. This program will be privately released to a group of pre-release testers before it is deployed for the mainstream. If you are currently looking for a job, or simply want to develop a stronger, more professional online presence, send me an email at and I will add you to the list of pre-release testers.

Do you have any question about “Job Search in The Social Media Age” you would like to see answered in the 21 days program? If you don’t have a question, what is your best advice to job seekers based on your personal experience?