Seven keys to live full and die empty

The only place on earth where you find the greatest concentration of people with unfulfilled dreams and regrets is the cemetery. Regardless of the country where you find yourself, there will always be the wealthiest 3% and the 97% others, not so wealthy and for many, living just above poverty, if not below. Observing those who make it to the top 3%, it is easy to see patterns. The good things with patterns is that they can be reproduced. Like Brian Tracy states in many of his books, “Success is predictable.”  Success has different meaning depending on the person, but I believe one will be said to have been successful when he or she found and used all the talents and abilities given to him by the universe.die-empty

What will people say when contemplating your tomb after your death? Will it be: “Wow, we are so glad you showed up on earth and made a contribution with your life. Wherever you are right now, thank you!” Or will it be closer to: “He had so much potential but he never found the courage to fully express himself. If only he had more time, maybe he could have done something more significant with his life.”

Wouldn’t you rather leave the planet knowing that you gave everything you came here to bring? Here are seven simple keys to living full and dying empty.

  1. Think less. Feel more.
  2. Talk less. Listen more.
  3. Judge less. Accept more.
  4. Watch less. Do more.
  5. Stop complaining. Appreciate more.
  6. Fear less. Love more.
  7. Be bold. Live without regrets.

I am not the original author of the first 6 points above. I drew them from an image a friend posted on his Facebook wall. Which one of the points above is your favorite?

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