Seven Years Ago

Lionnel Yamentou 2013 OC ToastersSeven years ago I remember driving 45 minutes one way every Monday morning starting at 6 a.m. I did that for well over a year. I did that to be in a group made of up business owners who were getting together to support each other and improve their skills. At the time I was a student with a part time job paying me well below a living wage. Some mornings I had to pray that my car would not run out of gas on my way back from the meeting. But I always made it and was back at it the following Monday. My dreams and vision of the future kept me going, with a smile on my face.

I remain grateful for that time, and I would do it all over again to produce the results it did. We are truly the sum total of our choices and experiences. That was a good choice and a terrific experience.

Virtual hugs to Paul Stillwelll, Susie Stojanovski, Diane Eisner, ‘Michael Brandt, Quinn Ruffin (RIP), Scot Shier, Allen Henry and several others who provided me with motivation, inspiration and guidance during that time.

Be kind and encouraging to everyone you meet. You never know what they are going through or what they have gone through to be where they are. No effort is wasted towards goals achievement and dreams fulfillment.

Keep dreaming and working at it. I surely am!