Should you be letting go?

Yesterday I was having a discussion with my lovely sister and I remember a saying by Winston Churchill: Never ever ever give up. During that discussion, I brought up the fact that sometime in order to succeed in keeping a commitment or making something happen, the best option is to let go. To let go means to detach yourself from your expectations of what the outcome of a situation should be and just enjoy the present moment, as it is. should you let go?

The problem with letting go is that when we become so obsessed about something or even someone, it become very difficult to detach ourselves. Here are three basic reasons why people don’t let go:

1. They think letting go is equal to giving up. You cannot accept a gift with your hands closed. For big size gifts you will sometimes need to empty both of your hands. You are not simply letting go of what you have to be able to receive what you deserve.

2. They are perfectionist. Darren Lacroix (2001 World Champion of Public Speaking) loves saying “done is better than perfect.” That says it all.

3. They misinterpret failure. Failure is an opportunity to try again and do better the subsequent times. Accept failure as a possible outcome, and make it OK to have to start over, as many times as necessary.

Is it not easy to let go. But here is the good news: nothing is easy. Almost everything worth doing and worth doing well will not be “easy.” If you are going through an experience which is proving to be more challenging than you anticipated, or you are hitting a wall in one area of your life, I invite you to take a few steps back to get a fresh perspective. Should you be letting go?

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