The meaning of forgiveness

During my morning physical exercise routine, I listen to audio books which I select randomly from my library. Interestingly, every book I have listened to every morning for the past 2 months has always spoken directly to me. The book I am currently enjoying is “Zero Limits” by Joe Vitale. Amazing content! The information I am receiving is so timely that I believe it is a conspiracy of the universe to make my daily experiences turn into growing experiences.


The book brought my awareness to the concept of forgiveness and I have been able to use one the teachings to effect a change in one aspect of my life only a few hours after being exposed to the principle. Here is about the meaning of forgiveness:

  • Forgiveness is about you, and you alone. Every situation you experience is a creation of your mind, your thoughts. You will never be able to receive or give forgiveness if you cannot forgive yourself for creating the initial problem or issue at hand. 
  • To forgive is to love. Love is the greatest and most powerful emotion on earth. One cannot love and not forgive. If you love yourself, you will forgive yourself. If you love others, you will forgive others. Forgiveness is from the divine, as love is.

True forgiveness cannot be explained, it can only be experienced. When you receive forgiveness or you give forgiveness, you get closer to divinity by strengthening the love relationship between you are every other human being on the planet. To forgive is to love, yourself first and the other parties involved next. Forgive!

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