The one size fits all question to start a conversation

Networking and communicating with people is an essential skill for any one who is to succeed in business and life. Many people who consider themselves to be introverts are not always very enthusiastic about starting or keeping a conversation going with strangers. I consider myself to be an introvert and I consciously work on getting out there to meet and talk to people. gloves-one-size-fits-all

We grow from people who know us, and the projects we work on. The more people know you, the greater your probability of being involved in projects that will make you grow. The best way to get more people to know you is to become very adept at starting conversations with strangers, and keeping those conversations engaging. Here is the question you can use to start conversations with strangers: What’s your story?

This question is almost a synonym for “Tell me about yourself”, but when phrased this way, it sounds more like an interview question. You don’t want to make people feel like you are screening them. Remember, they is not the words you use, but how you use the words. By how I mean the tone of voice and your body language at the time you are asking the question. Start a conversation today with a stranger. Ask the question: What’s your story?

Day 3 of 21: 100 words per day for 21 days. 220 words.