Would you bet on a stallion that has never been in a race?

Many times in life we refuse to take chances on other people because we know little about them, or not enough to make a “reasonable” and “informed” decision. The tragedy is when we don’t take chances on ourselves because we don’t have a “track record” that shows evidence of our probable ability to succeed in future endeavors. The story below is meant to encourage you to take chances, make big bets on you. I was inspired during a conversation with someone. Read on! big black stallion

There was once a ranch owner who was involved in horse racing and horse shows. He owned half a dozen race horses he had bought, cared for and loved very much because they were all regular winners. They all participated in racing competitions at the local horse track. They all were greatly admired by all the other ranch owners in the region.

The ranch owner’s favorite relaxation activity was taking long horse rides in nature and camping out during weekends. One of those nights camping out, he found and captured a young stallion. The stallion had obviously detached from his herd and was lost. The ranch owner took the stallion home and because of his unique nature, he started making a new fortune breeding the stallion with female horses from other ranch owners.

One Monday night there was a tragedy. The stalls took fire and all burned to the ground with all the horses. All the horses’ carcasses were found, except the stallion’s. The ranch owner was devastated. He stayed up for two days reflecting on how he was going to get back on his feet after such a tragedy. The second day after the tragedy, the stallion showed up in the front yard of the rancher. He was really excited because that was the only horse he had left. There was an upcoming race that weekend and even though the horse had never been in a race, the rancher decided to bet everything he had left on the stallion. Our rancher’s stallion won the race and earned him a small fortune that enabled him to start rebuilding his business with confidence.

Had you been in the stands and not knowing the story of the rancher, would you have bet on the stallion whose first race it was?

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