You Are Responsible For Your Happiness

Most people act as if happiness is determined by their circumstances. Are you one of those people? In my short life experience, it is my observation that regardless of what external circumstances are, we could always find something on the inside to be happy about.

When there is nothing on the outside that could make me happy, I retreat within and always can identify something to be thankful for. Being thankful puts me in a state of gratitude and appreciation, and since light and darkness cannot co-exist in the same space, happiness is a derivative of that state of gratitude.

Life offers so many opportunities to be miserable, sad, doubtful, fearful, bitter, and angry. All those are emotional states that are usually sparked by how you interpret what you are observing. Just like every day has its night, every night has its day and by keeping my attention focused on and looking forward to the next sunrise (which always comes), I can weather the storms of life without loosing my joyfulness. I am in charge of my happiness, and so are you.

Choose happy, always!!!