Lessons from an acupuncturist

Yesterday I visited the Anaheim location of the South Baylo University clinic. I was with two felow students of the California University of Management and Sciences, CalUMS. For the tour which was in preparation of a bigger tour with a group of about 20 CalUMS students to South Baylo University, we were escorted by one acupuncture student doing his internship. He is currently completing his last graduation requirement modules and will march during the upcoming graduation ceremony on May 18th, 2013. When we asked the intern if he had promising job prospects after his graduation, he had a very positive Continue reading Lessons from an acupuncturist

An evening with Brian Adams

Yesterday evening I attended an event organized by Brian Adams, who I met the first time a few weeks ago at the Orange County Speakers Bureau. As I experienced him, Brian is a very talented and effective professional speaker. He is entertaining and has very thought provoking content. This free event which was sold under the title: Mental Martial Art: Defend yourself against your toughest opponent…YOU!, attracted a couple dozen participants and was two hours long. Registration for the program was open on EventBrite.com. Here is the gist of what I took away from Brian’s presentation: If it is to be, it is Continue reading An evening with Brian Adams

Lessons from the Founder’s District Spring Conference

Last Saturday was April 20, 2013 and I attended the Founder’s District annual Spring Conference. We were treated to 8 entertaining and educational speeches from which I learned very much. Here are the 6 key lessons I took away from the eight speeches: Be wise, exercise. Align your spoken words with your thoughts, which must be constructive, NOT destructive. Unleash the child genius within you that you have been conditioned to hold back. You can rebuild your life one piece at a time, regardless of how bad it is. See the benefits in every situation (even the worst) and be grateful always. Continue reading Lessons from the Founder’s District Spring Conference

What’s your degree worth?

I have weekly meeting with my business partner Brandon. He holds two bachelors degrees but is now in the process of starting a business to which he is devoting his whole life. Brandon has been fully committed and is making steady progress towards generating the kind of revenues he sets as goals. It is amazing how much energy and enthusiasm emanates from passionate people. During one of our meetings a few weeks ago, Brandon told me he holds two Bachelors degree from The California State University, but staring at the pieces of paper, he did not see any value in Continue reading What’s your degree worth?

What’s on your gratitude list?

I met with one of my mentors two days ago and as usual, we had a fun time during which I learned so much. It is GREAT to have people who care about you and sincerely want you to succeed. I am blessed. As I shared my new short term unrealistic dreams with my mentor seeking answers to the “how” question, he hit me with reality (my current circumstances) and pointed me in the direction of a “better” more realistic goal that will undoubtedly lead me to the realization of my “relatively” unrealistic dreams. To help in readjusting my mind Continue reading What’s on your gratitude list?