Lessons from the Founder’s District Spring Conference

Last Saturday was April 20, 2013 and I attended the Founder’s District annual Spring Conference. We were treated to 8 entertaining and educational speeches from which I learned very much. Here are the 6 key lessons I took away from the eight speeches:

  1. Be wise, exercise.
  2. Align your spoken words with your thoughts, which must be constructive, NOT destructive.
  3. Unleash the child genius within you that you have been conditioned to hold back.
  4. You can rebuild your life one piece at a time, regardless of how bad it is.
  5. See the benefits in every situation (even the worst) and be grateful always.
  6. When you definitely commit, providence moves to your aid.

As I was to give a 2 minutes speech during the conference as part of the process to have me elected as Division A Governor, I also learned a good method to craft a short speech based on the audience type. I had visualized the speech prior to the conference, but until 2 hours before I spoke, I had not figured out the right words I was going to use to get the result I desired. In time the words came and they came out well. I will share the process in a subsequent post.

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If you care to know, I lost the election, but I gained an invaluable and priceless experience. The icing on the cake was making history by having a ballot draw between myself and the other candidate. The draw led to a second round which I ultimately lost, 80 to 110. One of the lessons I learned from my candidacy in that election is this: Never let your inexperience get in the way of your ambitions.

The conference was a massive success and the food was good too. I met new people and established a few new connections. I am looking forward to the next Founder’s District conference, which I will definitely attend.