Should you be letting go?

Yesterday I was having a discussion with my lovely sister and I remember a saying by Winston Churchill: Never ever ever give up. During that discussion, I brought up the fact that sometime in order to succeed in keeping a commitment or making something happen, the best option is to let go. To let go means to detach yourself from your expectations of what the outcome of a situation should be and just enjoy the present moment, as it is. The problem with letting go is that when we become so obsessed about something or even someone, it become very Continue reading Should you be letting go?

Five keys to a very good handshake

You will always be judged by people you come in contact with based on how you look, what you say and how you say it. In many cultures a handshake is the first human physical contact that you will have with strangers, or people you know and are not familiar with. A good first impression can be a deal maker and the opposite can be a deal breaker.  In alignment with improving the first impression you give people, I want to share with you five keys to a very good handshake. I was first exposed to this information when Cindy Carpenter shared Continue reading Five keys to a very good handshake

Why are you on the payroll?

I once heard world renowned motivational speaker Les Brown say that most people experienced their first heart attack on Monday morning. That is because most people are not happy with their jobs. While there are thousands complaining of joblessness, those with the jobs (and sometimes high paying jobs) are complaining about not being “fulfilled.”   If you are not “happy” with your current job, change it. If you don’t think you can change it, quit complaining and start increasing your productivity. All the energy that you spend complaining about being unhappy can power a city with a few thousand people Continue reading Why are you on the payroll?

Doing nothing produces results

The easiest thing you will ever have to do is… nothing. Doing nothing is easy, when you don’t care.  Here is the problem with nothing: doing nothing produces nothing. Who said you have to produce anything anyways? If you want to do nothing and produce nothing, you are welcome to do so. For most people, including myself, doing something takes action, setting oneself into motion. However, if you are an individual who has aspirations and wants to fulfill your dreams, you have to do something. If you do nothing towards the realization of your goals and dreams, you will produce results. Continue reading Doing nothing produces results

Would you bet on a stallion that has never been in a race?

Many times in life we refuse to take chances on other people because we know little about them, or not enough to make a “reasonable” and “informed” decision. The tragedy is when we don’t take chances on ourselves because we don’t have a “track record” that shows evidence of our probable ability to succeed in future endeavors. The story below is meant to encourage you to take chances, make big bets on you. I was inspired during a conversation with someone. Read on!  There was once a ranch owner who was involved in horse racing and horse shows. He owned Continue reading Would you bet on a stallion that has never been in a race?