How to Take Revenge from People Who Don’t Believe in You

It’s easy to laugh at people’s goals and dreams, especially when it is people who we are close to and have seen grow. Our conscious minds as humans love to categorize and group things for them to make sense and consequently create a smoother life experience for us.

But the tragedy that comes with that is when we unconsciously keep people in smaller boxes than they are or trying to be in. If you have nothing good to say when someone shares their big goals and dreams with you, keep quiet. Countless dreams have been squished because pessimistic words were spoken when someone was at their most vulnerable. It takes courage to dream, it takes even more courage to share those dreams with the people we are close to. It is ironic that usually it is people who know the least about us who end up being our greatest cheerleaders. 

If you have ever had your goals and dreams laughed at, especially by people close to you, let their laughs inspire you as you plough through the challenges in becoming a better person and living all your dreams. I certainly have, and I am inspired and fuelled by those non-believers.

Just like Frank Sinatra said: “The best revenge is massive success.”

Keep moving forward. Onward and upward!

Top 20 Countries Where I Want to Travel for Paid Speaking Engagements

I just finished reading the book: Keynote Mastery by Patrick Schwerdtfeger and was inspired to create a list of my top 20 destinations for paid speaking engagements. Patrick has a Google map on his website with geo-markers on cities where he has spoken before. It’s a brilliant way of showcasing instant credibility. If you have travelled to that many places (over 50 for Patrick) to speak, you must be doing something right.

Let’s get to it. In no particular order, these are cities where I will have paid speaking engagement in the years to come:

  1. Seattle in Washington, USA
  2. New York City in New York, USA
  3. Chicago in Illinois, USA
  4. Washington DC, USA
  5. Montreal, Canada
  6. Toronto, Canada
  7. Dallas, Texas, USA
  8. Miami, Florida, USA
  9. Salvador, Brazil
  10. Abu Dhabi, UAE
  11. Dubai, UAE
  12. Barcelona, Spain
  13. Rome, Italy
  14. London, UK
  15. Tokyo, Japan
  16. Hong Kong, China
  17. Helsinki, Finland
  18. Manchester, UK
  19. Dublin, Ireland
  20. Mumbai in India

The list started with 20, but I was inspired to add 5 more when composing the list.

  1. Paris in France
  2. Cape Town in South Africa
  3. Lagos in Nigeria
  4. Nairobi in Kenya
  5. Yaounde, Cameroon

Thomas Edison is quoted as saying “Success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.” Let me get to work so I get to meet you one day in one of those cities and countries.

Top 10 professional speakers to share the stage with

As I continue working on myself to become an award winning professional speaking to the rank of Patricia Fripp and Les Brown, there is a list I have developed of the top 10 speakers I will share the stage with throughout my career. big-stage-speaker

This list is posted here for reference and will give you an opportunity to check out the credentials and accomplishments of these refined and accomplished speakers. Looking up to them and using them as role models can server you well, as well as it serves me (if not more.) That is provided you are also interested in professional speaking. Otherwise, these individuals have built tremendously successful businesses around their honed skills. That is something we can all learn from.

Here goes the list:

The list is in no particular order. All the people in the list above have made various contributions to my life in different ways. And because it is possible that dreams come true like every single one of them will attest to, my dream of being on stage with each one of them will come true.

Is there someone or are there some people in your industry you are interested in working with?

Are you talking yourself out of your dreams?

A dream is any worthy realisation or objective one aims for. The foundation of dreams is hope. Hope is the expectation of a better future, a better tomorrow. Those who have no hope cannot dream. It takes hope, fueled by faith to dream big dreams. Big dreamers, those with the largest portions of hope, have greater chances of having their dreams come true. Those with small dreams usually don’t believe in the fact that their dreams can become reality. It is easy to become distracted by one’s reality and have one’s focus taken off the dream, and reduce our hope. build-your-dream-or-get-hired

The real tragedy with most people is that they talk themselves out of their dreams before even discussing the possibilities with others. For example in a conversation you might catch yourself saying something like: “I dream of having a big business that will provide jobs and create wealth for dozens of people, but I don’t have the money to start, and I don’t really have any business experience.” Have you ever said a similar statement? If you have, then you have been talking yourself out of your dreams. But here is the good news: you can also talk yourself into your dream, or into bigger dreams. The process start with acknowledging every time you make a negative statement about your dreams. Stop yourself and take back every negative word you might have accidentally spoken about your dreams, and reformulate it to show that with faith, courage and enthusiasm your dreams will come true.

Once you have a dream, it is a seed that has been deposited in your spirit by the universe. It is your responsibility to care for that seed, water it, remove the weeds around it, and provide fertilizer to the ground around it for it to grow and bear fruits. You might not be around to enjoy the fruits, but generations after you, and the universe, will be happy you used your seed well. Talk yourself into believing and making your dreams happen. You can do it, I know you can!

Have you ever been guilty of talking yourself out of a dream? What was the dream? Did the dream eventually come true?

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