Buy into a larger vision of your future

Have you ever been sold a better future that you had envisioned for yourself? That is what I love doing when I meet people. I love selling people a larger vision of their future selves. I keep the book “Move ahead with possibility thinking” at all times in my car. Because I love reading that book, it makes me like getting to my meeting places on time. When I get to a meeting place 20 minutes ahead of time, it gives me 10 minutes of reading that book. That’s about half a dozen pages on average. I have read the book from cover to cover more than twice already and I always find something new on every page. Every time that my lower self resists the larger vision I have for my future self, I fall back into similar books that help me clear my eyes from possibility blindness. larger vision of your future

We are conditioned as human beings by the circumstances we grow into. Very few are privileged to be exposed to a set of beliefs that is different from the limiting beliefs they have grown used to and are comfortable in. I once heard someone say that anything you desire beyond what you already have is beyond your current comfort zone. It was actually Bishop TD Jakes during one of his sermons. If you are an evolving creature (which you are because you are reading this), you probably are striving to have more, do more and be more. It is possible!

The single most important key to realize all your future dreams and aspirations is to accept that dreams do come true, and you deserve the best. Even “crazy” dreams do come true. If you don’t believe that, look at President Obama who became the first black president of the United States of America. Many people had a larger vision of Obama’s future, and he bought into it. Read the book Game Change: Obama and the Clintons, McCain and Palin, and the Race of a Lifetime which is a good entertaining narration of Obama’s journey to the White House. You will be inspired!

When people around you have a larger vision of your future and sell it to you, buy into it. Have you had situations where you reluctantly bought into a larger vision of your future and looking back you are glad you did?

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